In many applications – e.g., in injection moulding machines – granulate backlog occurs in conveying lines. This blocks conventional ejector flaps. The Y separator features an ejector mechanism with a unique design that allows switching and rejecting in the flap area even when there is a material jam. Despite its compact design, the ejector mechanism also has sufficient speed to be able to respond fast enough in free-fall applications. In combination with the powerful metal detection, all downstream machines are perfectly protected. It is primarily used to check plastic granulate at injection-moulding machines (machine protection and quality assurance), where the compact separator can be directly installed.

Special features

  • Maintenance-free mechanism
  • Different aperture sizes can be supplied
  • Robust, patented pneumatic ejector mechanism
  • Suitable for backed-up bulk materials
  • Extensive accessories available
  • All devices are mechanically compatible
  • Compact design
  • Ejection monitoring

Ürün Görselleri

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