OI 2 Görsel Kontrol


The “OI” optical inspection is a flexible image-processing system for quality assurance that can be integrated into any automated production system. Depending on the application, all customer-specific tasks can be accomplished for the visual inspection of rigid and flexible film products in secondary packaging. The unit uses cutting-edge camera systems that ensure reliable optical inspection. Compared to manual re-sorting, a fully automated inspection system offers many advantages and guarantees 100% visual inspection.

Special features

  • Optical inspection unit with conveyor belt system for the inspection of packaged goods at each end
  • Conveyor belt system with low-noise, low-maintenance PU belts and wear-free brushless DC motors
  • Stainless-steel frame including ejection container – all components protection class IP65
  • Speed range adjustable 0–70 m/min
  • Electrical interfaces for seamless integration into production lines
  • Network interface & software for remote maintenance, supervising and control
  • HACCP- and IFS-compliant logging
  • Intuitive operation via 15″ TFT touchscreen including user and job management

Application-optimised inspection such as:

  • Pattern recognition, measurement, position check, completeness check
  • Verification – barcode, data matrix
  • OCV and/or print check – e.g., for best-before date or batch marking

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